Back yard Dozer Tree
Back yard Dozer Tree

Grading And Leveling yard

Back yard Dozer Tree
Back yard Dozer Tree

Grading And Leveling yard

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I hired TF Excavation for work on my driveway. Had a very tight budget but I had drainage issues that made it almost impassable in the winter. He came out, gave me a fast and very fair quote to repair what I had and make my driveway usable! He finished ahead of schedule and the work came out better than we had even agreed upon! He was spot on on his price and I'm glad to say this is the first winter we have not had any drainage issues! I would recommend him to anyone looking to get Excavation work done!


-Steven Clavett

I contacted TF Excavation to look at my driveway to fix hole in pavement & drainage problems by garage doors. He advised me of what would need to be done to fix problem. He gave me a very fair quote to get the job done, start to finish & was willing to work with me & my tight budget. He started the job & worked fast & efficient. Gave me updates on what was done that day & what was next. The job came out perfect. He is a top notch guy that cuts no corners & does excellent work. I can not say enough about him & his work & would recommend him to anyone, family or friends if they need work done. He will be doing more work for me. Thank you for your excellent work.


-Mike McIntyre

We began using TF Snow Plowing to plow our 600 foot gravel driveway last winter.  We are extremely pleased with the plowing services we have been receiving.  Our driveway can be a challenge and TF Snow Plowing has worked with us to provide the best possible service.  Communication has been and continues to be excellent.  TF Snow Plowing works with us to meet every challenge we face with these difficult winters and we look forward to many more years of continued partnership with them.

-Michael Nichols

We have had Taylor plowing our driveway for approximately three years.  We have a huge driveway, which is like a parking lot.  Taylor always made sure that my husband was able to get out for work every morning.  In addition, we thought Taylor did a great job making the determination of how many times, depending on the storm, to plow our driveway.  We didn't have any issues with this factor, with Taylor, at all.  In addition, he would call or email us, after a particularly icy storm, to see if we wanted to have our huge driveway sanded.  At one point, we also needed support shoveling our roof.  My husband was very pleased with the way that Taylor did it, as he was careful about our newly shingled roof.  We are, and continue to be, very pleased with Taylor's service.  We highly recommend Taylor Fletcher.

-Sandie And Bill Sterling

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I don’t have a very easy driveway to plow. It’s narrow in spots and soft in other places. It gets very icy and has two steep slopes, not to mention snow that drifts over the driveway from the open field. Taylor understands it all. He also understands how and when I like to see the driveway plowed. He is prompt, thorough, reliable, respectful and affordable. I highly recommend Taylor and his crew for any plow work you need to have done.


-Silvia Styles